Hey! I'm Aimée and this is my blog, Hard Parade. I'm in my twenties, living in Boston, doing social media/public relations/marketing for some very cool clients, and cooking, running, and crafting my days away in the four hours after work.

I love eggs, ice cream, black coffee, cold beer, the color (and taste of) mint, and perfectly packed grocery bags. I'm always thinking about my next meal and have mastered the top knot. I hate "About Me" pages because they're awkward and no matter what, you're not going to sound like yourself...

Interested in talking to me? Tweet at me: @aimstar_vz or send me an email: hardparadeblog@gmail.com

This blog is called "Hard Parade" because that's what life is, right? A technicolor ride down Main Street that is full of hurdles and triumphs. Yikes, was that too heavy? Well, the phrase "hard parade" is also from one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands - Backyards by Broken Social Scene.

Hard Parade is about my quest to change my lifestyle into one that's more creative, positive, inspiring, and above all - healthy. I started this blog after joining Weight Watchers in January 2014 and I'm stickin' to it. You'll find recipes here that are both healthy and indulgent, crafts that anyone can do, and outfits that you can actually wear to work and not just on a photo shoot. And a little bit about running, too.
Come join the parade.It's a hard parade, just be courageous.
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