July 25, 2016

Hey, What's Up, Hello.

Thanks to Fetty Wap for the opening remarks and a hearty HELLO to my one reader who may or may not have forgotten about this little blog that takes up the teeniest amount of space in the world wide web. What can I say? Since November, things have been BONKERS and small things like blogging my weeknight dinners and the occasional outfit have fallen by the wayside in favor for larger initiatives like traveling for work, getting promoted at said work, running a half marathon, training for another half marathon and taking a much deserved vacation with my BF.

THAT BEIN' SAID, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things, if you'll have me. Before we get back to old times, let's do a rundown of some things that have happened since we last 'spoke.'

ONE: Weight Watchers updated their plan to be called SmartPoints and lemme tell you - I did not like it, for a very long time (I often still don't). It focuses on healthy fats and proteins (which I'm not knocking!) but really penalizes you for sugar and sweet treats, which I simply cannot give up. Case and point number one:
TWO: Because of ONE above, I stopped tracking. For a long time. Because of this, I lost my healthy eating track record and any motivation to use my brain when eating food (read: many crab rangoon were consumed. And pizzas. And beers. And glasses of wine.) Case and point number two:
THREE: Because of TWO (which was because of ONE), I gained back some hard-lost weight and I am not thrilled, to say the least. Obviously I am in control of both TWO and THREE, so I'm not going to complain much here. Case and point number three: photo not pictured due to insecurities. 

So, HEY, WHAT'S UP, HELLOOOOO, I'm back. Let's do this. (I'll be updating Points values of current recipes to reflect the new SmartPoints, but gimme a break - one step at a time). Catch you on the flip side! (Hopefully not in another eight months...)
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