July 1, 2015

What to Wear: Survivor

army green top, distressed boyfriend jeans, sandals, personal style

My office is super casual - as in I saw someone in terrycloth shorts and a tee-shirt the other day... But just because some people think basketball shorts and a ratty old shirt are office appropriate, doesn't mean that I'm not dressing my best for work. I'm not wearing a suit day to day, but I think I keep it classy!

I love these boyfriend jeans from American Eagle. I have them in a lighter wash that are a bit more distressed (less work appropriate in my mind) but the dark wash transitions from office to night to weekend very easily. My coworker told me I look like a member of Destiny's Child circa the 'I'm a Survivor' video in this outfit and I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not? Whatever it is, this outfit is making it into my routine again.

I think it's the last season for these sandals, unfortunately though. I got them from Target a few years ago and I'm totally obsessed. They go with practically everything and I have a gold version for classier affairs! (excuse my lack of pedicure #priorities)
cute sandals, cuffed boyfriend jeans, style
Since my hair is so thick and doesn't really cooperate in the warm weather (or any kind of weather), my summer look is a big top knot with a scarf or bandanna a la Rosie the Riveter. Gotta work with what you've got, right? I got this scarf from an old costume department I used to work for and it frequently makes an appearance in my outfits. Throwing a scarf into my hair is such an easy way to make me feel a little more done up, without tons of effort. 
head scarf, army green top
head scarf, army green top, geometric earrings
I pride myself on being a true Maxxinista. I always find great items there and I've had this cargo zip jacket thing for a few years now. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be an actual jacket or not but I rock it as a top zipped up. All in all, this outfit was pretty cheap! YES, BARGAINS!
Top: TJ Maxx | Jeans: American Eagle | Sandals: Target | Scarf: Thrifted | Earrings: ModCloth
army green top, distressed boyfriend jeans, cute sandals, head scarf, style
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