November 10, 2014

Crafty: Make a Leaf Wreath

Fall leaf wreath DIY
Crafting a leaf wreath
Heads up - first 'crafting' post comin' atcha! The apartment doors where I live are big, plain, and brown with a plastic number nailed into the door frame above. Every season, I like to make a sign with our names (AIMÉE, DAN) and sometimes our apartment number (8) to jazz up our doorway just a little bit. This DIY is better later than never, because I hadn't updated our door decoration since March (the shamrocks were really starting to look out of place).

Rather than make a Halloween or Thanksgiving-specific decoration, I decided to go with a simple leaf wreath. Since I don't have a ton of crafting storage spaces or all the fancy supplies that other bloggers out there do, I took to the classics and hand-drew leaves onto construction paper, cut them out, and glued them to a circle I made out of cardboard. How about THAT for innovation?
Supplies needed:
  • Construction paper
  • Glue, markers, tape, scissors
  • Enough cardboard to make a circle
  • Cardstock
  • Clothespins (though not required!)
Start by drawing different types of leaves on construction paper, whatever colors you'd like. I went with yellow, orange, green, brown, and purple for mine. I free-hand drew the leaves, though I know there are tons of templates out there online - just do a quick Google search and find your favorite.
Craft a leaf wreath
Craft a leaf wreath
Cut the leaves out carefully and group them by color (this helped me with placement on the wreath). 
Craft a leaf wreath
Craft a leaf wreath
Make a circle from cardboard and begin gluing the leaves down around it.
Craft a leaf wreath
Once you're done gluing the leaves, fill in any open spots with a marker or crayon. At this point, your wreath is good to go! But if you'd like to personalize it, add the letters of names of your household like I did! I traced an A and D on cardstock, colored gold polka dots all over them, and the attached them to the wreath with small gold glittered clothespins.
Craft a leaf wreath
When you're satisfied with your wreath, punch a hole in the top so you can hang it up and get decorating! (The lighting isn't great in our hallway, so forgive the blurriness)
Leaf wreath DIY
Leaf wreath DIY
How are you decorating for the fall? I can't wait to make the next wreath for winter! I'm thinking snowflakes? Or maybe cotton balls.
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