October 16, 2014

Running in the Morning

Hey! This is my first post about running!

Let's talk about early AM runs. Sometimes I have to run in the morning if I have a late meeting or if I have to go grocery shopping after work and IT SOOKS. I don't run well, I am exhausted (read: SLOW), I feel sick because I'm always dehydrated (I don't spend my night sleep-drinking water to get hydrated for a morning run), and I always am achy because my body is like GURL, I AM NOT AWAKE YET. Morning running sucks.

That being said, I still do it and I raise my arms champion-like at the end because I get to drink tasty glasses of wine in exchange for those activity points. HEYO. (Is it bad all my extra points go to drinking? Am I in the minority here or can someone back me up?) I've finally made peace with the fact that for those morning runs, it's not about how far I've gone or how quickly, it's that I woke up at the asscrack of dawn, got myself out of bed and into running tights, and out the door before 6am. A year ago, six months ago, even one month ago, I never thought I would be waking up that early, let alone waking up that early to go RUNNING.

Here's my run from Wednesday, October 15. I was pretty slow (for me) but I finished, didn't I? That trailing off at the end is me hitting 30 minutes and walking the rest of the way home to cool down. I earned 7 activity points for this run, woohoo!
Running in the morning stinks
If you want to virtually run with me, friend me on RunKeeper! I need all the support I can get. My profile is currently a little wonky since I stopped using RunKeeper for about 3 weeks and switched to MapMyRun and I recently switched back to RunKeeper (I know, I know, flip-flop). 

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