October 10, 2014

Runnin', Runnin'

Alright two things:
1. Were you surprised when you saw this blog's redesign? (that is, if you were a reader beforehand - not sure there any out there...) It's pretty and clean and full of succulents which makes me happy - they're the most gorgeous, low maintenance flora I've ever encountered. It's more grown up than the last version and it's making me want to post more and connect with you (the readers, if I have any?)

2. I have a confession to make...I love running.
Never did I ever think that I would write or say the words, "I love running." But I'm a convert. I decided to just get up and go out one day and since then, I've been setting small goals for myself and busting through them. Run 15 minutes, done. Run 2 miles, done. Run to the next T stop, done. Run for an hour, DONE! Sure, I'm slow and yeah, I am bright red and I breathe like I'm gasping for my last breath but I'm running and I'm feeling my legs get stronger and my mind get clearer and I am loving it.

I have to say, alot of this good feeling is because of my sister, Laura, who has been supporting me and helping me through the newness of all this (Why is my body feeling that way? Why do I always burp when I finish a run?) and telling me what to eat before I run and what to wear and giving me her sweet Road Runner Sports discount so that I can get awesome new sneakers. In fact, I'm so excited about running I bought two pairs of sneakers, the good socks (I didn't know there were bad socks before), custom-fitted inserts, and a foot roller all at once because I'm committed and I am a runner. Apparently.

So what does a new blog design and a new found desire to run have to do with one another? Not a ton, other than the fact that I'll probably start posting some more about running here and my struggles and triumphs with it.

Boston Marathon here I come! Just kidding, trying to get through a 10k first.

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