April 15, 2014

Boston, My Home - One Year Later

Last year on this very day, as I'm sure many of you know, there were two attacks at the Boston Marathon finish line. I don't need to rehash the events here, as the news has done a better job with the details than I ever could, but it was a day I, and this city, will never forget.

If you're a reader of this blog, you'll know that I live in Boston. If you are not a reader of this blog and this is your first time visiting: I am a Bostonian. I may be a New Jersey transplant, but I have called Boston my home for nearly 5 years and I plan on calling it home for another 50. I live and breathe and feel the pulse and beat of this city and a year later, I'm still sad.

Still sad that something so celebrated by our city was reduced to yet another plot to destroy us and our spirits and is now a day for "observation" and "commemoration."
Still sad that someone could have been at a place in their lives when nothing else made sense but to do this to us, to our city, to our people.
Still sad that lives were shaken, lives were shattered, and lives were lost.
Still sad that we live in a world where these kinds of events are not uncommon and that it only hits close to home when it literally hits close to home.

Still proud of my city and its people.
Still proud of the people running towards the blasts, not away.
Still proud of the runners who kept on running to local hospitals to donate their blood and their time.
Still proud of the firefighters, policemen, and emergency service workers that looked tragedy in the eye and put up a fight.
Still proud of the random acts of kindness by the people of Boston, offering up their homes and resources to help anyone in need.

And I'm proud to be a Boston because today, and everyday, we are Boston Strong.

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