November 5, 2013

Influenster: the Colgate® SlimSoft™ Toothbrush Review

*I received this product complimentary from Influenster*
I'm an Influenster member, which means that if I'm cool enough (or complete enough tasks on the site), I get to try out fun new products and talk about them! I was sent my first VoxBox (fun, bright pink boxes that are chock full of goodies to test out) in early September right after I moved, so this review has sort of slipped my mind.
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I'm kind of weird about toothbrushes - I like medium to firm bristles and a little more heft in the handle. By the end of the month, the head of my toothbrush usually resembles a palm tree, parted down the middle with bristles waving side to side and sticking out all over the place. 

When I opened the box and first looked at the Colgate® SlimSoft™ Toothbrush, I was super skeptical. It's thin, it's got these little tiny bristles, and it's PINK (oy). I brought it to work, added it to my junk drawer full of Advil, foundation, napkins, strewn ketchup packets, and lipsticks, and forgot about it. Then a few weeks later, I had some extremely potent garlic hummus with my lunch and desperately needed a brush. Enter: the SlimSoft.
Colgate® SlimSoft™ Toothbrush
Looks like i judged this book by it's thin, pink cover a little too quickly. The SlimSoft™ rules (that's weird to say about a toothbrush, right?) Those tiny bristles get all up in the nooks and crannies of your teeth and leave them feeling SO clean. I'm not a huge flosser (boooorrring) so this toothbrush really helps with the hard to reach places and the little space in my two front teeth. 

I'm not saying I'm about to throw out my Costco sized package of toothbrushes (though they are Colgate - I am brand loyal!), but I would consider picking the SlimSoft™ instead if it came in a multi-pack. Have you tried it? let me know!
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